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Results from Studies using PXB-Mouse and PXB-cells being presented at The AASLD 2016 Liver Meeting (Including additional presentation)

December 14, 2016

There were  oral  presentations and poster presentations on the use of the PXB-Mouse and PXB-cells at The AASLD 2016 Liver Meeting held in Boston, Massachusetts from November 11th to 15th (Including an additional presentation).


Oral Presentation

Parallel 2:Hepatitis B: Virology and Immunology

Presentation Date & Time : Nov. 13 (Sun.) 11:00 am ~

Title: Characterization of HDV and HBV kinetics during acute co-infection and interferon-alpha treatment in uPA/SCID chimeric mice with humanized livers

Presenter: Dr. Takuro Uchida (Hiroshima university, Japan)

Parallel 35:Hepatitis B: Novel Therapies

Presentation Date & Time : Nov. 14 (Mon.)   16:45 pm ~

Title:Exploring Combination Therapy for Curing HBV: Preclinical Studies with Capsid Inhibitor AB-423 and a siRNA Agent, ARB-1740

Presenter:Dr. Amy Lee (Arbutus Biopharma)

Poster Presentation

■Session:Hepatitis B: Immunology and Virology

Presentation Date : Nov. 11 (Fri.)

Poster No.:585

Title :Hepatocellular Carcinoma-associated Core N51H Mutation with BCP PC mutations in HBV Genotype F1b Enhances Infectivity and Up-regulates c-Myc and GAB2.

Presenter: Dr. Sanae Hayashi (Nagoya City University, Japan)

Poster No.:591

Title :Analysis of the effect on HBV by genome editing using CRISPR/Cas9 system

Presenter: Dr. Keiichi Masaki (Hiroshima university, Japan)

Poster No.:599

Title:Reduction of intrahepatic cccDNA levels permits to regulate HBV replication after cessation of the treatment in human hepatocyte chimeric mice

Presenter:Dr. Takuro Uchida (Hiroshima university, Japan)

Poster No.:628

Title:Reduced growth ability and increased nuclear abnormality in hepatitis B virus genotype C-infected human hepatocytes of humanized chimeric mouse liver

Presenter:Yuji Ishida (PhoenixBio Co., Ltd., Japan)

■Session:Hepatitis C: New and Approved Agents I

Presentation Date :Nov.12 (Sat.)

Poster No.:870

Title :Protease inhibitor resistance remains even after mutant strains become undetectable using ultra-deep sequencing

Presenter:Dr.Hiromi Kan (Hiroshima university, Japan)

■Session:Hepatitis B: Treatment

Presentation Date :Nov. 14 (Mon.)

Poster No.:1849

Title: LUNAR™-HBV, a UNA Oligomer Combination for the Treatment of Chronic Hepatitis B Virus Infection

Presenter: Dr. Christine Esau (Arcturus Therapeutics)

Poster No:1866

Title: Evaluation of antiviral effects of a novel site-specific pegylated interferon beta using humanized mouse model

Presenter: Dr. Masataka Tsuge (Hiroshima university, Japan)