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In vitro studies using fresh human hepatocytes taken from PXB-Mouse (PXB-cells) - anti-HBV efficacy, Safety, Enzyme Induction, etc.

PXB-cells are “fresh” hepatocytes taken directly from a PXB-mouse liver, consisting of over 90% pure human hepatocytes. PXB-cells can be supplied from our large stock of PXB-mice (stable supply), which have hepatocytes from one donor (reproducibility), and can be prepared anytime you need (immediacy).

In vitro HBV culture system using PXB-cells

We have established a long term in-vitro HBV culture system using PXB-cells. Using this proprietary culture system, we provide in vitro assay services for anti-HBV efficacy evaluation.


Please refer to the latest publication reporting on our in vitro HBV culture system.

1. Incubation Flow

Fresh hepatocytes are seeded on 24-well plates right after being taken from a PXB-Mouse liver, and subsequently inoculated with HBV over night.

(day 0)  Isolation and Plating of Fresh Hepatocytes
(day 1)  Inoculation of HBV
(day 2)  Wash & Medium Change
(day 7)  Wash & Medium Change

… wash & medium change every 5 days

2. Infection and proliferation of HBV

Plated PXB-cells are susceptible to natural HBV, and maintain long term stability. Over this time, the cells keep secreting HBV DNA and HBsAg in the supernatant.

Anti HBV drugs such as Lamivudine, Entecavir, PEG-IFN alpha, etc., show the suppression of HBV markers in the supernatant and the hepatocytes.

3. HBV inocula and measurement parameters included in the services

Various HBV inocula and HBV parameters are available in our in vitro study services.

Genotypes Ae, Bj, C and D are available as HBV inocula for the in vitro HBV studies.

We provide the measurements of HBV DNA, HBsAg, HBeAg and HBcrAg in the supernatant.

Immunostaining for HBsAg and HBcAg, as well as HBV DNA and cccDNA in the liver, are available in study services.

Analysis of blood biochemistry such as ALT and AST in the supernatant can also be provided.

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