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Poster Presentations Planned for the SOT 59th Annual Meeting

March 12, 2020

PhoenixBio poster presentations and booth exhibition sponsorship were planned for the SOT 59th Annual Meeting and ToxExpo from March 15th – March 19th, 2020 in Anaheim, California, but the meeting was cancelled due to growing concerns of the coronavirus situation. The following posters below related with the PXB-mouse and PXB-cells model were planned to be presented at the SOT 59th Annual Meeting.

Poster Presentations

・Title:Control Background Data Collection for Conducting General Toxicity Studies Using PXB-Mice
・Poster No. : P218 / Abstract No. : 1911
・Presenter: Dr. H. Jeong(Shin Nippon Biomedical Laboratories, LTD.)
・Date and Time 😕 Mar. 17 (session time:10:45-12:30)

・Title:Histopathological characteristics in the PXB hepatic chimeric mice -Comparison with SCID mice-
Poster No. : P534 /Abstract No. : 2179
Presenter:Dr. Akiko Moriyama(Shin Nippon Biomedical Laboratories, LTD.
Date and Time : Mar. 17(session time:14:15-16:30)

Title:Construction of Hepatic Vascular Model and Toxicity Assessment System That Can Predict DILI


・Poster No. : P275 /Abstract No. : 1968
Presenter:Dr. Yasuyuki Naito (Toppan Printing Co., Ltd.)
・Date and Time : Mar. 17(session time:14:15-16:30)

Title:Predictive and Mechanistic In Vitro Assays for Identifying DILI Potential.

Poster No. : P246 /Abstract No. 1939
Presenter:Dr. Hiroshi Kohara? (Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited)
・Date and Time : Mar. 17(session time:14:15-16:30)

Title:Development of an in vitro system based on PXB-cells for evaluation of mitochondrial dysfunction-

mediated hepatotoxicity

Poster No. : P362 /Abstract No. 2752
Presenter:Mutsumi Inamatsu(Phoenixbio Co., Ltd.)
Date and Time : Mar. 18(session time:10:45-12:30)

Commercial Booth

Date and Time:Mar. 16 (Mon.) – Mar. 18(Wed.) ? 9:00 ? 16:30
Place: Anaheim Convention Center CC Exhibition Hall