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Result from Studies featuring PXB-mice & PXB-cells being presented at AASLD 2017

October 19, 2017

There will be  poster presentations featuring the PXB-mice at AASLD 2017.

The Meeting will be held in Washington DC, USA from October 20th to 24th.

We will be also exhibiting booth.

Poster Presentations

Session Title: Hepatitis B: New and Approved Treatment

Date: October 21, 2017

Poster number: 908

Title: Identification of a new class of HBV and HDV entry inhibitor,proanthocyanidin

Presenter: Dr. Senko Tsukuda

Organization: National Institute of Infectious Diseases

Poster number: 968

Title: GalXC Technology Enables Potent and Durable RNAi-Mediated Inhibition of

Hepatitis B Virus in Preclinical Model

Presenter: Dr. Marc AbramsOrganization: Dicerna Pharmaceuticals

Session Title: Hepatitis C: Therapeutics Pre-Clinical and Early Clinical Development

Date: October 21, 2017

Poster number: 1172

Title: Modeling in humanized mice and patients suggests that antihistamine

chlorcyclizine HCl not only blocks HCV infection/entry but also viral production

Presenter: Dr. Harel Dahari
Organization: Loyola University Medical Center

Session Title: Hepatitis B: Virology, Immunology and Pathogensis

Date: October 23, 2017

Poster number 1472

Title: Analysis of polyploidy of human hepatocytes isolated from hepatitis B virus-

infected chimeric mice with humanized liver

Presenter: Yuji Ishida

Organization: PhoenixBio Co., Ltd.

Poster number: 1477

Title: Persistent Loss of HBV Markers in Serum without Cellular Immunity by

Combination of PEG-IFN Plus ETV Therapy in Humanized Mice

Presenter: Dr. Takuro Uchida

Organization: Hiroshima University

Poster number: 1501

Title: Hepatitis B virus up-regulates IL8 expression via endoplasmic reticulum stress

and leads to suppress interferon responsiveness

Presenter: Dr. Masataka Tsuge

Organization: Hiroshima University

Commercial Booth

Booth # : 646

Please feel free to stop by our booth if you are attending the conference for more information about the PXB-mouse and our services.