Phoenix Bio



Opening the Way to a New Age of Advanced Life Science

The 21st century is the era of life science and it has made possible the analysing and harnessing of the innate potential of living organisms for the purpose of developing more advanced medical therapies and medicines.

We at PhoenixBio wish to play our part in this development by focusing our efforts on the research and application of the immense intrinsic potential of the human cell and the preservation of this potential outside the human body. We have succeeded in developing technologies for mass propagation of human cells and in transplanting these propagated cells into laboratory animals, enabling us to provide business services that make possible the wide and easy application of the vast potential the human cell has to offer.

Company Motto

  • Promoting the improvement of human health and the quality of life through advancement of life science while respecting all living things.
  • Creating prosperity and aiding the development of society and human race by becoming the toprunner at our field.

Company Profile

Company Name PhoenixBio Co., Ltd.
Established March, 2002
President Takashi Shimada
Fiscal Term March
Capital 2,259million yen (Mar. 2020)
PXB-Mouse Services
3-4-1, Kagamiyama, Higashi-Hiroshima City
739-0046 Japan
PhoenixBio USA Corporation:
Overseas Marketing and Sales
65 Broadway, Suite 605, New York
NY, 10006 USA
TEL +1-212-379-6411
FAX +1-212-379-6422
KMT Hepatech Inc. 2011-94 Street NW,Edmonton, Alberta,Canada T6N 1H1