Phoenix Bio



The PXB-Mouse model, along with our professional techniques and rigorous procedures in conducting quality controlled animal study services for over 10 years, will accelerate your drug discovery and development program.

PhoenixBio provides contract study services using PXB-mice – our proprietary high-quality chimeric mice with a humanized liver, in the field of drug discovery and development.

Service Categories

  1. DMPK studies
  2. Safety studies
  3. Viral Hepatitis-related studies
  4. Efficacy and safety studies for human specific nucleic acids, antibody or poly peptide based medicine
  5. In vitro studies using fresh human hepatocytes taken from PXB-Mouse (PXB-cells)

Advantages to conduct PXB-Mouse studies in PhoenixBio

1. Experienced Professionals of the PXB-Mouse designing and conducting your studies

We are a dedicated group of Professionals who know everyting about PXB-Mouse studies. With over a decade of experience in this model, we will support and optimize the study design for you.

2. A wealth of cases and articles

We will provide you with our top-notch suggestions for your studies, which will be motivated from a wealth of scientific publications and our in-house contractual studies.

3. High level of experimental techniques

Professionals of the PXB-mice experiments will conduct the dosings, bleedings and/or necropsies in a robust quality manner to ensure the successful completion of the in-life phase for your studies.

Please let us know if you would like…

1. To start a study immediately

Due to our stable, rigorous Production and Quality control, we are constantly able to maintain and supply a large number of PXB-mice.

2. To discuss a study design

Representatives who know the the ins and outs of the PXB-Mouse model will design your study with you. We propose appropriate study designs based on scientific publications and our experiences from contractual studies.

3. To run a big study using a large number of mice

Our regular production consists of using 100 PXB-mice per week. Don’t worry about asking us for a big scale study using a large number of PXB-mice.

Service Flow

1. Planning

We primarily plan the study outline based on the purpose of your research.

2. Study designing

The Business Development represantative and the study director taylor an approriate study design with you.

3. Cost Estimation

The cost estimation will be based on the study design agreed upon.

4. Execution of Contract

A service agreement is executed to ensure responsibility in conducting your study.

5. Assignment

We select and assign suitable PXB-mice to your study from our mouse stock.

6. Experiment

We start the study according to the Protocol, which was made and agreed upon together with you.

7. Bioanalysis and Final Report

After finishing the in-life phase of the study, we will provide the Final report.
Some types of bioanalysis are done by PhoenixBio. These reults are directly put in the Final report.

Stable Service conditions

The following are the terms of use for our PXB-Mouse study services:

1. We provide in-house study services using ?PXB-mice. We do not sell the mice.

2. As a general rule, the mice are not transported outside of PhoenixBio facilities. An exception to this rule is the transportation of mice to the contract research institutes of our strategic partner in North America and Japan for conducting in-house studies.