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Hepatitis B virus evades innate immunity of hepatocytes but activates cytokine production by macrophages

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    Development of a Novel Site-Specific Pegylated Interferon Beta for Antiviral Therapy of Chronic Hepatitis B Virus

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      Critical role of CREBH-mediated induction of TGF-beta2 by HCV infection in fibrogenic responses in hepatic stellate cells

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        The Smc5/6 Complex Restricts HBV when Localized to ND10 without Inducing an Innate Immune Response and Is Counteracted by the HBV X Protein Shortly after Infection

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          Hepatitis B virus X protein identifies the Smc5/6 complex as a host restriction factor

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            Persistent Loss of HBV Markers in Serum without Cellular Immunity by Combination of PEG-IFN Plus ETV Therapy in Humanized Mice

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              Downregulation of the Complement Cascade In Vitro, in Mice and in Patients with Cardiovascular Disease by the BET Protein Inhibitor Apabetalone (RVX-208)

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                Interferon alpha treatment stimulates interferon gamma expression in type I NKT cells and enhances their antiviral effect against hepatitis C virus

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                  Usefulness of humanized cDNA-uPA/SCID mice for the study of hepatitis B virus and hepatitis C virus virology

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                    Evaluation of the Utility of Chimeric Mice with Humanized Livers for the Characterization and Profiling of the Metabolites of a Selective Inhibitor (YM543) of the Sodium-Glucose Cotransporter 2

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                      Propagation of Human Hepatocytes in uPA/SCID Mice: Producing Chimeric Mice with Humanized Liver

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                      Comparison of predictability for human pharmacokinetics parameters among monkeys, rats, and chimeric mice with humanised liver

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                        Lack of exposure in a first-in-man study due to aldehyde oxidase metabolism: Investigated by use of 14C-microdose, humanized mice, monkey pharmacokinetics and in vitro methods

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                          Assessing the Therapeutic Potential of Lab-Made Hepatocytes

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                          Protease inhibitor resistance remains even after mutant strains become undetectable using deep sequencing

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                            Inhibitory effect of CDK9 inhibitor FIT-039 on hepatitis B virus propagation

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                              Hepatitis C virus dynamics and cellular gene expression in uPA-SCID chimeric mice with humanized livers during intravenous silibinin monotherapy

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                                新規核酸アナログ4′-C-cyano-2′-deoxyadenosine, 4′-C-cyano-2′-deoxyguanosineは薬剤耐性B型肝炎ウイルス変異種に対して有効である(短報)

                                林 佐奈衣、高松悠樹、前田賢次、村上周子,尾曲克已、松居剛志、五十川正記、渡邊網正、狩野吉康、向後悟、濱屋裕明、田中靖人

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                                Halogenated hydrocarbon solvent-related cholangiocarcinoma risk: biliary excretion of glutathione conjugates of 1,2-dichloropropane evidenced by untargeted metabolomics analysis

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                                  Antiviral effects of anti-HBs immunoglobulin and vaccine on HBs antigen seroclearance for chronic hepatitis B infection

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