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Our PXB-Mouse model is a chimeric mouse, with more than 70% of the liver replaced with normal human hepatocytes. We use the PXB-Mouse to conduct study services for Drug Discovery and early Development.


What is a PXB-Mouse?

The PXB-Mouse is a chimeric mouse with a humanized liver that is highly repopulated by human hepatocytes.

Study services

1. DMPK studies

PXB-mice are utilized in the prediction of human Metabolic Profiles, Drug Induction/Inhibition, Human PK,
Bile secretion, etc.

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2. Safety studies

Using blood chemical markers such as human albumin, or by observing the histopathology of the liver directly, the PXB-Mouse is able to accurately express signs of toxic effects after exposure to a compound. Human-specific toxicity can also be predicted by the human ALT1 ELISA assay, originally developed by PhoenixBio.

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3. Viral Hepatitis related Studies

The Hepatitis B and C virus is efficient at infecting and proliferating within the PXB-Mouse liver. The viral-loaded PXB-Mouse is a powerful tool in evaluating the efficacy of anti-viral candidates, as well as for prophylaxis and infectivity of materials.

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4. Efficacy and safety studies for human specific nucleic acids, antibody or polypeptide medicine

Drug candidates exhibiting both on-target and off-target effects on the hepatocytes target human-specific nucleic acid sequences or protein structures, such as RNA drugs, antibody drugs, or molecularly targeted drugs. Since human hepatocytes retain and exhibit normal function in the PXB-Mouse liver, these drug candidates can be evaluated using the PXB-mice.

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5. In vitro studies using fresh human hepatocytes taken from PXB-Mouse (PXB-cells)

PXB-cells are “fresh” hepatocytes taken directly from a PXB-Mouse liver, consisting of over 90% pure human hepatocytes. PXB-cells can be supplied from our large stock of PXB-mice (stable supply), which have hepatocytes from one donor (reproducibility), and can be prepared anytime you need (immediacy).

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Advantages of the PXB-Mouse

1. High replacement

PXB-mice have over 70% of their liver repopulated with normal human hepatocytes. However, as a result of our consistent production quality, the average replacement Index of PXB-mice that are utilized for study services is 80 to 85%.

2. Normal liver constitution

The human hepatocytes which are found in the PXB-Mouse liver constitute a normal liver tissue, which secretes human albumin and human-type bile.

3. Expression of human genes, enzymes and transporters

Over 95% of mRNAs which express in the normal human liver also express in the PXB-Mouse liver. The expression of human metabolic enzymes and transporters are also observed.

4. Chronic and high viral load of HBV and HCV

HBV and HCV are well known as high species specific pathogens. PXB-mice can be efficiently infected with these viruses to develop chronic infection. Therefore, the anti-viral efficacy of drugs such as Interferon, can directly be observed in PXB-mice infected with HBV or HCV.